Experience Christ's Passion for His Bride An Invitation from the Bridegroom into Deep Intimacy

About Ariel

I have always been in love with the idea of being in love.

Day dreaming of spending my days swooning and swimming in romance.

One day I met pure love.

And I have never been the same.

He told me that I could be in love with Him forever.

And I melted in His arms.

I’ve been walking with God off and on all my life.

More on than off thankfully.

Yes, I “got saved”

Or “born again” if you prefer.

Read, listened to and watched thousands of Christian books, tapes and videos.

Did thousands of in-depth Bible studies on my own for years on every Christian topic there is a name for.

Studied specific books, themes, characters, names, numbers, symbols, types and shadows and done thousands of my own detailed word studies on pretty much every word there is in the Bible.

Wrote and amassed hundreds of pages of charts, tables, pictures, images and documents.

Received revelation, dreams and visions.

Practiced the spiritual disciplines.

After all this, I finally realized that

Without love, all of this is in vain.

Without love, life has no meaning, value or purpose.

Without love, I have no value and nothing I do has any value.


Love is what gives meaning, purpose and value to life.

Love is life, light and hope, joy, peace and holiness.

Love is the meaning of life.

Learning to love is the purpose of life.

Who I am is not important.

I am nothing without Him.

Who Jesus is, is everything.

If you have never known Him or met Him as pure love and you are hungry and thirsty to experience Him in this way, then this website is for you.

Enter into the adventure of discovering how much He passionately desires you. Yes you!

Swim in the ocean of His deep love for you.

For surely every word He has spoken to me He longs to speak to you.

Let Him touch you. Let Him hold you. Let Him kiss you.

Feel Him. Experience Him.

This is His desire for you.